It is important to have a valid and current Will, as dying “intestate” (i.e. without a Will) can delay the winding up process of your estate.

We are available to assist with the following:

Estate Planning Advice

Estate planning involves the arrangement of your assets so that they may be transferred – in the most efficient way possible – to your nominated beneficiaries.  We look at your estate with you and work on a plan to ensure that no unnecessary taxes or estate duty are payable when it comes time to administer your estate.

Acceptance of Appointment as Executor

It is important to appoint an executor who has experience dealing with Wills and estates, with the skills required to handle the estate process efficiently and effectively.  We ensure that your immediate family is kept informed during the stages of tying up an estate, so that they will not be left vulnerable and feeling financially insecure.

Last Will and Testament – Preparation and Maintenance

We can assist you with preparing your Will so that you have peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes.  If you already have a Will then we can prepare a new draft for you, with any amendments that you would like to include.

We highly recommend that you review your Will with us on an annual basis.  If nothing has changed then a new Will would not be necessary.  However, if any personal or professional circumstances have changed then this would give us the opportunity to update your Will accordingly.

A few of the most common changes that would trigger an update to your Will would be:

  • marriage / divorce / re-marriage
  • having a baby / adoption
  • the death of a beneficiary
  • changes to ownership of any major assets being left to a specified beneficiary in your will – property, company shares, members interest
  • changes to nominations of beneficiaries on life policies

Administration of Deceased Estates

Our team has extensive experience in deceased estates, successfully handling thousands of estates with The Masters Office.  We take a personal interest in each of the estates we administer, following your wishes and keeping the well-being of your loved ones in mind.  We attend to The Master’s requirements efficiently and provide updates and additional support where possible to the families we work with along the way.

Testamentary Trusts (Will Trusts)

Our experience enables us to provide advice on when a Testamentary Trust will be required or not, depending on your individual needs.  We can assist with the formation and maintenance of these trusts and make provision for trustee services if required.